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Aftercare – Integrating Your Experience

Aftercare Home

Ibogaine and the multiple alkaloids of Iboga influence many elements of the body, mind and spirit, in addition to addiction interruption. There are situations where-in the effective application of the Ibogaine session is only a part of that which leads to "success".

So it is that IbogaQuest has developed a program to address individual programs tailored to your needs. In essence, an Ibogaine application session may typically range from 3-5 days, but you may well benefit by staying for 2 weeks or even longer.

This can be very helpful for you to acclimate to a heightened perspective and avoid immediate immersion into challenging environments and circumstances.

Keeping in mind that Ibogaine has an overwhemling success rate for addiction interruption and for a period of remarkable clarity, it is often only half the job. In many instances a hasty return to your environment and a life of familiarity presents a challenge which often is better met having some additional time to experience yourself anew.

There are also instances where it seems that a "booster" of additional Ibogaine, in much smaller doses, is called for. For IbogaQuest this is a new protocol and we therefore apply it in carefully selected instances. Such a session would also require your extended stay.

So after the customary 3-5 days of the Ibogaine session, if it is appropriate to stay longer, we will help you assess what arrangements may best suit your needs and capabilities. So when you call, be sure to discuss your needs and concerns.

Plan your integration. Integration is the key to achieving the full long term benefits of Ibogaine therapy be it for mood disorders or substance addiction. Living Clean center provides post-detox care with expert-level psychotherapy and traditional plant medicine in a beautiful nature setting. Visit Living Clean Ibogaine.



Massage and Bodywork

Guests are encouraged to take advantage of practitioners of distinctly different massage techniques who will come here to help you with the process of body-mind integration.

A session is $500 pesos ... around $45 US.

Homeopathic & Other Support

A local, skilled homeopathic physician, who has a long practice focusing on addiction disorders, sees most of our post session guests. She usually employs a combination of hands-on with focus techniques.
Her usual fee is generally $600 pesos ... converting to around $50 US.

Learn more at:www.rosabelendez.com

Exploring Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan is a unique place of culture, geology, energy and talent. Be it martial art, yoga, mountain walks ... it is here and we can help you connect. We emphasize the atmosphere of spaciousness and mindfulness. It is a good time for relaxation and quiet contemplation and we encourage activities that promote your integration.

Medical Support

Medical Support is available before, during, and after treatment as needed. In addition to onsite monitoring there is back-up medical support available:

  • 24-hour First Aid Station, in town and within minutes of our facility
  • 24-hour ambulance service
  • Two medical doctors on-call nearby, available day or night
  • Full world-class hospitals in Cuernavaca, 10 miles away
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