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Mexico and Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan, Mexico

Why Mexico?

There are many reasons for coming to Mexico for treatment:

  1. It's legal to use Ibogaine in Mexico
  2. Mexico is beautiful and warm
  3. For a break from your daily experience
  4. To allow time to integrate the experience

Ibogaine is legal in many countries. Currently in the United States it is classified as an illegal, Schedule I substance, though studies of neurological effects have shown no negative side effects under the dose ranges used in addiction or psychological-spiritual therapy.

Tepoztlan, Mexico

About Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan is easy to get to from Mexico City, a major transportation hub, while offering a magical and powerful mountain valley setting.

The climate is agreeable. The area around this part of Mexico is known as "the land of eternal spring", with a temperatures ranging between 60 – 80F year-round.

Tepoztlan is our home, where we've created a comfortable space, conducive for you and your Ibogaine experience.

There is some justified hesitation about Mexico travel these days.

Tepoztlan is a vibrant town, surrounded by volcanic mountains, with mostly traditional people. It is also comprised of a sizable population of artists, musicians, healers, etc, from all over the world, mostly non-Gringo.

While no one can guarantee complete safety anywhere, it is a town with continuous pedestrian traffic, often greeting one another as you pass by. Fear in the streets, even after dark, is just not the case.

Tepozteco Pyramid

Hike to Tepozteco
The mysterious mountains surrounding Tepoztlan are home to Tepozteco, an important and sacred pyramid, which overlooks the entire valley. To get there is a long and arduous climb (it is difficult to imagine the building of it), yet the trail is busy with visitors daily, many leaving offerings. For those who can and care to, we encourage you to experience it for yourself.
Hiking to the Tepozteco Ruins

Extend Your Visit

Once coming this far you might consider that this is a beautiful and intriguing part of the world. There is wonderful archeology and terrain to explore. You can visit small villages with markets, crafts and traditional peoples.

There is a wide range of accommodations, fitting all budgets and comfort levels.

We can help guide you for an extended stay or as a jumping off point. All you have to do is ask!

NOTE: If you are planning to extend your trip for sight-seeing and other visiting, you might prefer to set this up before beginning of your time in Mexico and before the Ibogaine treatment.