Suggestions for IbogaGuests

Iboga Casa


Diet and Eating

  • Be on a low impact diet of mostly fruit, veggies and avoiding red meats and the usual slow to digest foods.
  • Be aware of your digestive track to avoid constipation.

Extras to Pack (optional)

  • Bring a personal listening device if you think you will at any time want music
  • Laptop or Netbook Computer. Wireless Internet is available at the house.

Other Considerations

  • We have free calling to the US, Canada and some parts of Europe.
  • This town is great walking territory. Flip-flops, sandals and hiking shoes will get you through.

Money in Mexico
It is unfortunate and inconvenient but we can not accept checks from banks outside of Mexico. Due to the climate of narco money laundering, all Mexican banks will charge $800 pesos per check plus a tax consequence.

So your options are:

  • Cash (converted to pesos at the Mexico airport)
  • ATM withdrawal (in pesos)
  • Mail Checks to our U.S. bank (prior to arrival)
  • Wire Transfer (again, prior to arrival)

Contact us for specifics:
Email or
Call US 802-748-4600, MEX 739-395-0780

Iboga Casa