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Experience Ibogaine

The Ibogaine Treatment Center - IbogaQuest - exists to provide Ibogaine with a dedication to sharing this experience of Ibogaine bravery. We care equally for all motivations, be they psycho-spiritual growth, personal healing, mood discomfort and from addiction(s). Upon contact we can each determine compatibility.

For people seeking:

  • Psycho-spiritual Self Development
  • Freedom from general habitual patterns and addictive behaviors
  • Depression and Mood Disorder Relief
    • Anxiety
    • OCD
    • Panic Disorder
    • ADHD
    • Social Phobia
    • PTSD
    • Bi-polar Disorders ….etc
  • Opiate, alcohol, tobacco and substance addiction interruption
  • Assistance with eating and mood disorders

We provide:

  • A guided retreat setting
  • Experienced use of Ibogaine
  • High quality Ibogaine
  • Caring support
  • Accommodations and appropriate nutrition during the experience
  • A safe, nurturing and beautiful environment
  • Pre-Care and After-care guidance and accommodations
  • Information to help you plan your trip to, around and from Mexico


Post-treatment integration therapy Living Clean Ibogaine

Integrating Ibogaine treatment is just as important as receiving it. Our affiliated program, Living Clean Ibogaine provides a 7-40 day program that combines psychotherapy, sacred medicinal plants and naturopathic medical care.

Our Mission

The intention is to facilitate a fresh outlook and modify addictive behavior patterns to overcome craving. Insidiously these patterns grab hold on both subtle and obvious levels ... from resentments, poor nurturing and depression to use of opiates, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, prescription medication, as well as general spiritual longing.

Based on the experiences of IbogaQuest Ibogaine Treatment Center  and others, these patterns can often be brought into awareness using Ibogaine. We are here to help you engage with the strong spirit of the Ibogaine and facilitate an experience of depth; cultivating freedom from these patterns of addiction and habituation.

What is Ibogaine or Iboga?

Ibogaine is a derivative of Iboga, used in medicinal and ritual purposes within African spiritual traditions of the Bwiti tribe. It is found in the root bark of the schrub Tabernanthe Iboga, which grows in the West Central African rain forest.

It has been used by tribal people and shaman for thousands of years. More recently it has been brought to the modern world and used very successfully as a treatment for drug addiction and psychological-spiritual development.

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