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IbogaQuest is a professional and
focused team of caregivers


IbogaQuest began over 12 years ago as an unintentional community of lay people with a shared interest in helping ourselves and others heal and change though the use of sacred plant and psychoactive medicines.

Over the years, we have honed our skills and evolved into an increasingly more professional and focused team of caregivers, prepared to cheerfully take on those challenges that we feel we can meet in these troubling times.

Throughout this process we have remained humble and resisted the temptation to focus on the commercial potential of this powerful plant/spirit for personal or institutional gain. Rather, we have endeavored to build a reputation for safety and excellent patient care. A reputation based on a deep respect both for the medicine itself and the glowing experiences of those whom we’ve had the honor to serve.


Our intention is to serve with


We aspire to treat all those seeking our services with compassion.

We seek to honor and nurture the person beyond the addiction, psychological or emotional issue, or spiritual blockage that currently manifests as suffering and

While working with this plant is rewarding and fulfilling unto itself, what really moves us is seeing real transformation in those that trust us with their care.

Careful screening, pre-care
and after-care as integral
aspects of optimal healing


We have come to understand the role of careful screening and straightforward communication, as well as the benefits of good pre-care and after-care as integral aspects of optimal healing.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept people for treatment who are either unlikely to benefit, or for whom treatment would be ill-advised due to underlying medical or psychiatric problems.

We consciously create an atmosphere promoting mindfulness and awareness providing a protected space for the guest to process inner material, aloud or in silent contemplation


Surrounded by beauty


IbogaQuest is located in a high mountain valley an hour and a half from the Mexico City airport. It is an ancient pueblo, overlooked by a pyramid still central to the cultural life of the community. There is a thriving mountain spirit of protection. We are located on the ceremonial grounds of Centro Werika.

Learn more about Tepoztlán, Mexico.

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