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Rony cook

& nourishment  

Our chef Rony and his team provide three home cooked meals a day throughout your stay. Aside from using locally sourced organic ingredients, Rony fills the kitchen with music, love and laughter, making sure that you are getting the best energy to nourish and replenish both your body and your soul.   

retreat center

The IbogaQuest

The IbogaQuest team is here to ensure that you are safe, supported, and held every step of the way, before, during and after your treatment. At IbogaQuest, we strive to create a warm and nurturing 'family' atmosphere, where each individual is welcomed with open arms and cared for with genuine presence and love. Our team consists of compassionate professionals and kind-hearted individuals who walk beside you on your journey, offering a hand to hold and a listening ear whenever you need it. 


Vicente is a clinical psychologist and integrative Gestalt psychotherapist. As a passionate explorer of the mind, he collaborated with the renowned Dr. Claudio Naranjo for over a decade, providing him with valuable insights into psychotherapy and expanded states of consciousnessf.

His personal path and deep commitment to meditation, combined with his hands-on experience with ibogaine, has led him to explore various Eastern traditions and develop innovative paths for healing and self-discovery. As co-founder of the therapeutic education platform AH-Samatã and as the therapeutic director of IbogaQuest, Vicente integrates meditation, consciousness, and neuroscience into psychotherapy - offering a holistic and compassionate approach to the growth and transformation of everyone he crosses paths with. 

Vicente IbogaQuest
Chris IbogaQuest


Chris is a musician and songwriter who successfully made music and traveled the world for many decades. The skin of his face is red with reflections of internal and external heat. After being misprescribed drugs by a medical doctor in the US after an accident, he became physically dependent and could only overcome the addiction with the help of ibogaine. This was not the only time ibogaine saved his life; a severe reaction to a vaccine was also reversed by using this powerful plant medicine.


After these experiences, Chris decided to devote his time to help others on their healing and recovery journeys with the spirit of this plant. To support his work at IbogaQuest he is currently studying Compassionate Inquiry therapy with Dr. Gabor Maté. As an integral part of the team, Chris never fails to offer his love, music, creativity and presence to support anyone who comes to IbogaQuest, and helps them to find peace in their hearts again.


Jimena is a passionate psychonaut and body-based psychotherapist. She holds a Master's in Environmental Science & Policy from Columbia University and a Master's in Gestalt Therapy. Jimena is a certified Core Energetics Practitioner from the Core Energetics Institute of New York and a TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) certified provider.

She has training and experience in Psychedelic Harm Reduction Principles, including volunteering in psychedelic care support services for music festivals. In addition to her psychotherapeutic expertise and background focused on somatic practices, Jimena manages the logistical aspects of the retreat, ensuring that every aspect of the retreat is handled with care, providing participants with a safe and nurturing environment. Her knowledge and compassionate presence make her a trusted facilitator at IbogaQuest.

Jimenta IbogaQuest
Juan IbogaQuest


Juan is a medical doctor and Gestalt therapist in training with a specialization in somatic experiencing. With a profound commitment to helping individuals navigate and transform their lives, he utilizes his therapeutic skills to address both physical and emotional aspects of healing.

Juan’s integrative approach focuses on the body-mind connection, empowering people to release trauma, achieve deeper self-awareness and create lasting change. Through his compassionate care, Juan supports participants' journeys towards holistic wellbeing, resilience and balance in their lives.


Nienke is a philosopher, applied ethicist and explorer of consciousness. Since her own journey with plant spirits helped her recover from severe depression, she's been been an ally to their work. Trained as a Socratic dialogue facilitator, she likes to help people ‘birth’ their own inner wisdom after a transformative experience, by making space for deep listening and asking questions.

Her background in medical ethics at Amsterdam's academic hospital has shaped her current focus on developing reflective tools for different recovery centers around the world. At IbogaQuest Nienke offers compassionate presence, support and care, and makes sure that people stay comfortable, kind - and curious -  throughout and about their journeys.

Nienke IbogaQuest


Barry is the visionary founder of IbogaQuest who since its inception in 2009, embarked on his mission with a singular focus: to provide a haven for those battling severe addictions and seeking healing from mental and physical afflictions.

Inspired by his personal friendship with Howard Lotsof, whose accidental discovery of ibogaine's anti-addictive properties in 1962 ignited a lifelong passion for healing, Barry has witnessed the profound impact of this plant medicine for over half a century.

Throughout the years, he has tirelessly treated hundreds of individuals, guiding them on the path to recovery and healing from addiction and trauma.

As a long time student of Tibetan Buddhism with Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, Barry has drawn a distinct line combining mindfulness practice with the gifts of sacred plant medicine. Revered as both the heart and soul of IbogaQuest, Barry is known for his unwavering love and respect for each individual who has graced the center’s doors. To Barry each person who enters IbogaQuest becomes family, forever welcomed into his home with open arms.

Barry Ibogaquest


Felipe has a profound and personal history with ibogaine. After recovering from years of substance abuse and addiction, he has become the team's expert in addiction treatment and precision ibogaine dosing. Felipe's extensive recovery and healing toolkit is grounded in his own life experiences, making him a valuable and trusted source of applie d wisdom and insight. As a trauma-informed Gestalt therapist in training, he plays a pivotal role at IbogaQuest. Felipe works closely with the medical team to ensure your safety at all times and support you throughout your ibogaine treatment, helping you maintain the right attitude before, during, and after the treatment. Felipe has a warrior spirit that instills a sense of security in all those around him, his presence is solid but kind, which makes him able to hold space for the deepest of processes.

Felipe Ibogaquest

Our Medical 

Ibogaquest collaborates with a highly experienced medical team to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants undergoing treatment. Proper medical oversight minimizes health risks by continuously monitoring vital signs, managing any adverse reactions, and providing immediate medical intervention if necessary. This vigilant care not only enhances the safety of the participants but also maximizes the therapeutic benefits of the treatment, facilitating a secure and supportive environment for profound personal healing and transformation.


Meet Juanita, an essential part of our medical team, as a trained nurse she has over 10 years of experience working at IbogaQuest. Juanita is present 24/7 during our treatments and is not only knowledgeable about the latest medical knowledge and techniques; she's also incredibly nurturing and makes everyone feel safe and taken care of during their stay. Juanita's warm presence and sense of humor instantly puts everyone at ease, creating a comfortable environment where healing can happen naturally. 

Dr. René

Dr. René is a seasoned medical doctor with well over a decade of experience working extensively with ibogaine. Together with the IbogaQuest team he has been refining his approach to ensure the utmost safety and efficacy for every individual undergoing ibogaine treatment. With a deep understanding of the medical aspects of the treatment, Dr. René serves as the pillar of medical safety for each participant and is able to offer solutions and care tailored to each individual's needs.  


To ensure absolute safety during Ibogaine treatment, a dedicated team of paramedics stands by backstage. Their presence provides immediate medical assistance if needed, offering peace of mind and ensuring the well-being of each individual undergoing treatment.

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