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Ibogaine Center  in Mexico


IbogaQuest Mission

Patterns of addiction and spiritual longing can be brought into awareness using bogaine. Our intention is to facilitate your journey towards a fresh outlook and to help you modify addictive behavior patterns. Our ibogaine treatment center in Mexico will help you engage with the strong spirit of the ibogaine and hold space for you to have a deep experience; cultivating freedom from these patterns of addiction and habituation.

IbogaQuest guests leave knowing they made the right choice

Ibogaine treatment Mexico can be a powerful tool for transformation. Our team of compassionate facilitators are dedicated to safely guiding you on your journey!

Our Amazing Staff at IbogaQuest Mexico

Ibogaine for Addiction Inteerruption

There simply is no known medicine or therapy that can rival the effectiveness of ibogaine for addiction interruption.

Whether you struggle with opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, or other substance dependencies, nothing compares to ibogaine for sustained relief with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Read More »

Ibogaine for Depression & Mood Disiorders

Our brains have the plasticity to change, and patterns of thought can be altered as we proceed throughout our lives.

Ibogaine gives the brain a “reset” that can kick start a dramatic change that can lead to lasting change. Read More »

Ibogaine for Spiritual Growth

The spiritual longing strikes us at certain times in our lives for many reasons. The impulse to want to know who and what we truly are and move beyond suffering lies within us all.

Our facilitators have traveled the path and are the perfect guides to point you in the right direction, harnessing ibogaine as a potent tool. Read More »

The Mircale of Iboga


Iboga is the whole and complete root bark from which Ibogaine is extracted. Ibogaine is a tool to help us make personal changes to relieve our most basic energetic stumbling blocks. Ibogaine is not a cookie cutter therapy. Each individual uniquely manifests their own body, spirit and energy, all of which needs to be honored. And therein lies the great gift of ibogaine. We need to see our habitual patterns, be they of the self-sabotaging substance addiction, behavioral or the mental variety. IbogaQuest strives to help at this fundamental level.

The IbogaQuest Difference


  • 13+ years of continuous service

  • In-depth screening for ultimate safety & effectiveness

  • We are a group of 5 dedicated experienced guides including 2 on-site
    certified therapists with plant medicine experience

  • Highly regarded mindfulness/meditation guidance

  • Pre-treatment personal counseling sessions via phone or video

  • Always the highest quality 99% pure Ibogaine

  • Sessions of 6 days for psycho-spiritual guests

  • Our experienced doctor, nurse and paramedic oversee all sessions

  • Deep, natural, and secure rural setting only 1.5 hours from the Mexico City airport

  • Guests arriving at the airport are met and transported directly to IbogaQuest

  • Individual private quarters including bathroom

  • IbogaQuest guests leave knowing they made the right choice

  • Special program available for fentanyl addiction

We take your safety and care very seriously. With 13 plus years of experience, our treatment center for iboga Mexico knows the subtle nuances that lead to breakthrough transformations. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.



After their ibogaine Mexico experiences our guest share their insights and valuable lessons.

Alyssa reports on the psycho-spiritual benefits of ibogaine treatment Mexico six months post-treatment

Martin discusses his detoxing from methadone with ibogaine and the importance of aftercare

After returning to New York and having to deal with many life changes including the COVID pandemic, Alyssa reflects on her experiences at IbogaQuest and how her iboga retreat Mexico has enhanced her life spiritually and psychologically.

As a long time opiate addict who switched to Methadone for 2 years, Martin discusses the benefit of ibogaine therapy combined with the essential inclusion of after care.



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Growing our ibogaine treatment center in Mexico with guests who truly believe and trust in our abilities, secures the quality of service we provide and the value of each treatment provided. We thank you for your trust and appreciate the opportunity to serve you! ❤

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The plague of Fentanyl is upon us. You will find it in most every illicit substance sold on the street. You are more than likely to find it in heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines and even sometimes, cannabis. This is true !!

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Aftercare by Inscape Recovery – Malinalco, Mexico Inscape Recovery is a six-week Ibogaine aftercare program for those who wish to continue and deepen their process of transformation in a structured and supportive setting. Inscape is run out of a charming eco-retreat center

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This post was original published on I began this blog on my return from going deep with ibogaine with my friends at Iboga Quest in Tepotzlan, Mexico. What incredible medicine, especially for folks in the throes of opiate addiction. Ibogaine interrupts withdrawal and

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